For all visitors to the U.S. Embassy

Please note that the U.S. State Department has updated security procedures for embassies and other USG facilities around the world. Per new procedures, the U.S Embassy in Maputo (including the AMERICAN CULTURAL CENTER AND JAT BUILDING) will no longer allow laptops into our facilities and visitors will not be able to store laptops with our security guard station while visiting the Embassy.

In addition, the following electronic devices are subject to additional rigorous screening procedures: cellphones/mobile phones, smartphones, iPods, other MP3 players, iPads and other tablets, handheld gaming devices, smartwatches, wearable electronic fitness devices, and other electrical or electronic devices. Exceptions may be made with advance notification/arrangements and special permission, however, when in doubt, leave your electronic device behind.

Please be in touch with your U.S. Embassy contact with any questions.

Thank you!