Urgent Message for U.S. Citizens – Travel to South Africa from Mozambique – Visa Required

American citizens wishing to transit the border with South Africa after the October 1, 2020 reopening are reminded that the visa on arrival regimes for both South Africa and Mozambique are still suspended. U.S. citizens who are able to demonstrate presence of 10 days or longer from a country deemed by South Africa to be low risk for COVID-19 transmission –including Mozambique– may seek an exemption to the South African entry ban on U.S. citizens, but must apply for a visa at the South African High Commission in Maputo prior to travel. U.S. citizens who do not possess a valid South African visa will not be permitted to enter South Africa.

Failure to obtain a South African visa prior to travel may result in U.S. citizens becoming stuck between the borders of the two countries.

Again, at this time, you are required to possess a South African visa to cross the border.  

Please continue to monitor U.S. Embassy websites in Mozambique and South Africa for travel updates, including COVID testing requirements.