U.S. Embassy Statement on the Passing of Renamo Leader Afonso Dhlakama

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U.S. Embassy Statement on the Passing of Renamo Leader Afonso Dhlakama

May 4, 2018– The United States joins with all Mozambicans in mourning the passing of Afonso Dhlakama.  We offer our deepest condolences to the family, loved ones, and political followers of Mr. Dhlakama, and we honor his service as both the leader of Renamo and as a member of the Council of State of the Republic of Mozambique.  Through his partnerships, first with President Joaquim Chissano and more recently President Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, Mr. Dhlakama proved to Mozambique and the world he was committed to achieving democracy and a lasting peace for the benefit of all his fellow citizens, regardless of political party.  Even in his last days, Mr. Dhlakama worked assiduously to advance the twin goals of decentralization and demilitarization, which will serve as the pillars of a durable peace deal between his party and the Government of the Republic of Mozambique.

In the aftermath of Mr. Dhlakama’s untimely death, we encourage the leaders of Renamo and their partners in the Government of the Republic of Mozambique to honor Mr. Dhlakama’s legacy by finishing this grand project to which he devoted the last years of his life: a nation free from the fetters of war and violence, a nation that can harness the power of its resources and unleash the potential of its people, and a nation firmly rooted in the principals of democracy.  This peace agreement should be Mr. Dhlakama’s inheritance to the people of Mozambique, and the United States stands ready to help achieve it.

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