Passport Services

The Consular Section accepts passport applications.  A passport renewal normally takes 2 weeks to process.

Two passport photos are required to apply for a passport.

Please visit the Passport Wizard to complete the correct passport forms.  Please print the form and submit it at your appointment.


  1. Completed DS-82 application from the Passport Application Wizard
  2. One photo measuring 5 cm x 5 cm. The background of the photo must be white.
  3. Applicant’s current passport.
  4. 110 USD or the equivalent in meticais. Payable in cash or debit/credit card only.

If you have changed your name by marriage or divorce, you may apply for a new passport to be issued in your new name. We no longer amend passports. You will need to submit documentary evidence such as a court order, marriage or divorce certificate, or other satisfactory evidence to support a change of name. Only originals or certified copies will be accepted.

Emergency Passports are issued only in cases of extreme hardship or emergency and have limited validity.

Additional Passport Pages. Visa pages are no longer being added. If your passport is running out of pages please apply for new passport.

Lost and Stolen passports should be reported immediately to the nearest Embassy or Consulate and to the local police.

The U.S. Embassy accepts applications to replace passports that have been lost, stolen, or damaged.

An applicant without a passport, due to loss or theft, must:

  1. Appear in person to sign the passport application (Passport Application Wizard) before a consular officer as an oath will be administered.
  2. Complete and sign the:
    Statement Regarding Lost Or Stolen Passport.
  3. Bring proof of U.S. citizenship
  • Certified Birth Certificate issued by the city, county, or state
  • Consular Report of Birth Abroad or Certification of Birth
  • Naturalization Certificate or Certificate of Citizenship
  1. Proof of Identity
  • Naturalization Certificate
  • Valid Driver’s License (Carta de Condução)
  • Current Government ID (Bilhete de Identidade)
  • Current Military ID
  1. Bring one photo (5cm x 5cm on a white background)
  2. Pay 135 USD

Replacement passports can be normally issued within two weeks. In cases where the applicant must travel urgently, the Consulate can issue an ’emergency passport’ with limited validity. This passport is valid for all travel. This ’emergency passport’ can be exchanged later for a full validity passport at an embassy or consulate overseas or at a Passport Agency in the United States.

Passport Renewals for Young Adults (First Time Adult Passport)


  1. Completed DS-11 application from the Passport Application Wizard
  2. One photo measuring 5cm x 5cm. The background of the photo must be white.
  3. Applicant’s current passport.
  4. 135 USD.

Passports for Minors

In compliance with the Two-Parent Signature Consent Law, both parents of minors under 16 years old must be present to sign the passport application and produce a certified or original birth certificate establishing the parental relationship.  An absent parent should submit a signed DS-3053 (PDF 44 KB) giving permission for the issuance of a passport to the minor child.  An applicant who is 14 years or older must sign his/her own application.

First time passport applications can also be accepted in the Consular Section for newborn Americans.  American citizens born outside of the U.S. must first obtain a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA).

If your child was born in Mozambique and you wish to apply for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad please email us at to make an appointment and for information and documentation requirements.


  1. Completed DS-11 application from the Passport Application Wizard. Do not sign the form. Parents will sign the form in the presence of the Consul as an oath must be administered.
  2. Certificate of Birth: Certified U.S. or foreign birth certificate with parents’ names, or Report of Birth Abroad (Form FS-240) with parents’ names, or Adoption Decree with adopting parents’ names, or court order establishing custody or guardianship (original or certified copy).
  3. Applicant’s current passport.
  4. One photo. The background of the photograph must be white and measure 5cm X 5cm..
  5. 105 USD or equivalent in Meticais. It can be paid in cash, debit or credit card