Residency in Mozambique

U.S. citizens wishing to establish residency in Mozambique must provide a criminal record check to Mozambican immigration authorities.  You must obtain this check in the U.S., either from your local police department or the FBI.  The Embassy cannot produce criminal record or background checks, or take fingerprints for this purpose.

Requirements to Obtain a DIRE (Mozambican Residency Card)

Submit the following documents to the Direcção Nacional de Migração:

  • Complete form Modelo 23 (available from the Direcção Nacional de Migração)
  • Copy of a passport with residency or work permit (visa)
  • Original criminal record.  The criminal record must have been issued within three months, translated into Portuguese by an official and sworn translator (list available here), certified* by the U.S. Embassy, and  stamped by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Mozambican Embassy in the U.S.
  • 3 photographs (tipo passe)
  • Copy of work permit (visa)
  • Copy of the of the company charter and the last tax payment to Ministry of Finances
  • Letter confirming employment from your company or institution

For Dependents:

  • Term of responsibility for the family members of principle applicant (usually spouses and minor children)
  • Marriage certificate (spouse)
  • Letter from school where children will study in Mozambique confirming enrollment (for school-aged children)

Note: anyone 18 years and older must provide a criminal record

*The U.S. Embassy cannot certify or verify a criminal record.