U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique Peter H. Vrooman Remarks for the 246th Anniversary of the Independence of the U.S.



U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique Peter H. Vrooman Remarks for the 246th Anniversary of the Independence of the United States of America 

 June 30, 2022

Your Excellency, Minister of Gender, Children and Social Action Nyeleti Mondlane,

Fellow Americans,

Dear Colleagues and Partners,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening!

I welcome you to our Independence Day celebration on this beautiful, new Embassy.  A concrete example of our commitment to the United States-Mozambique relationship. Congratulations on Mozambique’s independence anniversary on June 25.

This event would not be possible without our fantastic sponsors and the leadership of the American Chamber of Commerce. If you would like to join, please talk to Mr. Levin Born, the president of the AmCham.

From food and drinks, to lighting and sound, to financial donations, your support is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for your generous contributions.

I thank Ms. Regina Dos Santos and Mr. Ganizane Marcelino who sang brilliantly.

While we are here in the spirit of celebration, we recognize those around the world who are suffering at the hands of natural disasters, health crises, or violence.  Mozambicans in the north have lost loved ones, their homes, or even both, at the hands of terrorists and cyclones.  We remain committed to supporting the government to secure and rebuild the communities besieged by violence for far too long.  Looking to Europe, Ukrainians are dying at the hands of the Russian invasion, and to Africa which is suffering from food insecurity triggered by Russia’s blockage.

We frequently say, “estamos juntos,” when we talk about that partnership.  For us it means that we are together with the government and people of Mozambique in helping build a healthier, safer, more prosperous, and more democratic nation for all, including women and girls, youth, and people living with disabilities.

Together, we combat terrorism and alleviate suffering in Cabo Delgado among internal displaced people.  Together, we vaccinate against COVID-19 and help nearly two million Mozambicans living with HIV thrive. Together, we give women and girls the tools needed to stay in school, gain confidence, to prevent child marriage and contribute fully to society.  Together we invest in the ingredients that make for an inclusive economy that creates jobs and offers promise for the next generation. Together, we defend human rights  and freedom of expression. And together we fight for access to justice, and against corruption.

To end and in the honor of our guest, I would like to share part of a quote from Eduardo Mondlane, who was born in Mozambique and studied in the United States.  His words can inspire both nations on building national unity.

He said:  “A Nação Moçambicana, como várias nações do Mundo, é composta por muitos povos com tradições e culturas diferentes, mas unidos por uma experiência histórica e o mesmo destino político, económico e social.”

Now, I ask that you raise your glass and join me and our distinguished guest in a toast: “To the independence of the United States and Mozambique, to the Mozambican and American people, to President Nyusi and President Biden, and to the friendship between Mozambique and the United States of America.  Cheers!”

Thank you very much.  I would like to invite Her Excellency, Minister Nyeleti Mondlane, to share a few words.