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U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique Peter H. Vrooman Remarks at Reopening of the Velha Catedral of Quelimane
August 30, 2022

Ambassador Vrooman remarks in front of the Old Cathedral of Quelimane



U.S. Ambassador to Mozambique Peter H. Vrooman Remarks at Reopening of the Velha Catedral of Quelimane

Sunday, August 21, 2022 | Quelimane, Zambézia

Governor Pio Augusto Matos,

Mayor Manuel de Araujo,

Representative of the Norwegian Embassy,

Mr. Antonio Barroso and the entire Associacao dos Bons Sinais family,

Residents and friends of Quelimane,

Ladies and gentlemen,

Congratulations on 80 years!  What a perfect moment to celebrate the reopening of the rehabilitated Old Cathedral of Quelimane! Maningue nice! As we say in Mozambique.

Ambassador Vrooman Governor Pio Matos Bons Sinais Association Carimo Issa PAO Vanessa Toscano Norway Charge Affairs

I am thrilled to be here with you all in celebration of this milestone.  What this community has been able to do is nothing short of a miracle.  And the example you set for us all is inspiring.

This historic building has been transformed into an iconic space, representing what is possible when a diverse group of people come together for a greater good and well-being.  The Associação dos Bons Sinais, a non-partisan group of community leaders and members from many religions, shows us all what is possible when people of different faiths and backgrounds can come together to contribute to their community. This example of unity is a powerful model for Mozambique and for the world. It has been embraced as a space by and for everyone.

This Old Cathedral of Quelimane, now a non-denominational community center, began its construction in 1776, the same year as the founding of the United States of America.  And it was completed in 1789, the year our constitution was adopted.  The investments we made over the past five years into this piece of national heritage helped to re-connect our peoples through culture and history.

Congratulations.  Estamos Juntos.