Travel Alert: Mozambique COVID-19 Update and Extension of State of Emergency

Country Specific Information

As of July 2, Mozambique has 903 confirmed COVID-19 cases and six deaths.  A total of 248 individuals have recovered from the disease.

On June 30, the Mozambican Government extended the State of Emergency through July 29.  Some of the measures announced include:

  • extension of validity to September 30, 2020 of all travel documents, including visas, that would otherwise expire during the State of Emergency;
  • continued suspension of new visa issuances;
  • continued strict quarantine regime (see below);
  • phased resumption of in-person classes in schools and universities;
  • increased onsite workforce limits from 30% to 50% for businesses and institutions;
  • continued reorganization of markets to effect social distancing measures;
  • continued closure of all beaches for leisure activities with the exception of physical fitness;
  • continued mandatory use of face masks or visors on public transportation and public places where there are gatherings of people;
  • reopening of museums and galleries with implementation of social distancing measures (theaters, cinemas, and places of worship remain closed);
  • reduction in prison sentences for non-compliance with prevention measures to 3 to 15 days, with an option to pay a fine in lieu of prison time;
  • continued partial closure of borders except for humanitarian relief and cargo; and,
  • resumption of as-of-yet unspecific international flights to allow health experts and professionals, investors, and managers to enter the country.

The Peace Corps has withdrawn all Volunteers from Mozambique, and the U.S. Embassy has authorized departure for any personnel and family members who are at elevated risk of a poor outcome if exposed to COVID-19 or who have requested departure based on a commensurate justification.

Entry and Exit Requirements

The Ministry of Health (MISAU) has implemented screening at airports and other points of entry scanning the temperatures of all travelers.

All arrivals to Mozambique, regardless of citizenship, will be on a mandated 14-day self-quarantine (see quarantine information below).

Quarantine Information

The Mozambican Government has mandated a 14-day self-quarantine for the following:

  • all arrivals, regardless of citizenship or prior travel; and,
  • all persons who have had direct contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19.

The government has the authority to allow for real-time awareness of those in quarantine, including geolocation tools.

Local Resources

  • The Boletim da Republica No. 122, Series 1 (June 29, 2020) delineates the full list of State of Emergency measures.
  • Travelers are urged to consult the Mozambican Government portal for information on COVID-19 for the most accurate and updated information in Mozambique.
  • COVID-19 Hotline: 84 146.
  • MISAU is offering a daily press briefing on the COVID-19 situation and efforts to prevent its spread.

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