Scam alert to suppliers and service providers of U.S. Embassy Maputo

The U. S. Embassy Maputo has been continuously receiving information from vendors that are being contacted by fraudulent individuals who claim to be representatives of the U.S Government. The current scam requests quotes for solar-powered water pumps. This message is intended to inform vendors how to identify scams and ensure that they are dealing with an accredited member of the U.S. Embassy procurement section when providing quotes and product.
Tips to detect fraudulent actors:

    • Emails from U.S. Embassy procurement staff will always be from an email address ending in .gov (i.e. or The U.S. Government does not send emails from any other accounts, including but not limited those ending with the following: .com, .net, or
    • Solicitation requests from Department of State procurement staff will often carbon copy (cc) This is the official email for procurement related inquiries or information for the Department of State.
    • Solicitation requests from USAID will always be sent from an email ending in
    • Procurement staff at the U.S. Embassy will never request that you supply goods or services without a Purchase Order, request a fee for quotations/proposals, or deposit money into an account.

Beware of the below companies:

  • Global Mass Engineering and Express Marine Logistics Services.

The U.S Embassy alerted law enforcement authorities to investigate this scam. The U.S. Government is not liable for fraudulent transactions by individuals posing as its representatives. Should you suspect that you are a victim of a scam, or to ensure you are corresponding with its legitimated representatives, please email