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PEPFAR Coordination Office – Maputo
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PCO Logo


PEPFAR Coordination Office (PCO)   

The PEPFAR Coordination Office has overall responsibility to coordinate a “one USG team” in country to provide oversight, planning and reporting of all resources and international activities of the USG to combat the HIV/AIDS pandemic. The PCO is responsible to ensure regular and productive engagement among agency leadership and across technical teams, as well as with external stakeholders, to help ensure optimal complementarity of PEPFAR-funded interventions with other programs in country, such as those of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (Global Fund), UNAIDS, and the World Health Organization (WHO).  This includes facilitation of program and policy coordination, interagency coordination, and coordination with national leadership of the country in which PEPFAR operates, including civil society and key beneficiaries of HIV programs, as well as with international organizations and other donor governments working on programs to combat HIV/AIDS. Specific deliverables for the PCO include finalization of periodic reports and tools (POART, APR, FAST, etc.), and oversight of the Country Operational Plan (COP) process. The PCO is also responsible to assure monitoring of compliance of the interagency team with required trainings (e.g. Gender and Sexual Diversity Training) and assure access to all relevant PEPFAR systems at the appropriate level (e.g. DATIM, PEPFAR SharePoint, etc.)  The PCO is led by a Coordinator and, in larger countries, a Deputy Coordinator.  The PEPFAR Coordinator reports to the DCM or U.S. Chief of Mission (COM) who has primary country-level oversight of the PEPFAR program for that specific country.  PEPFAR is planned in country and thus the Ambassadors in country are the lead of that respective country’s plan.  The PEPFAR Coordinator is a liaison to Embassy sections (State Department) and in-country USG implementing agency leadership and communicates directly with the PEPFAR Program Manager and Chair at S/GAC.


The PCO team

The Mozambique PEPFAR Coordination Office is comprised of a Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, Budget and Financial Specialist, Strategic Information Advisor, Multilateral Advisor, DREAMS Coordinator, Deputy DREAMS Coordinator, Public Outreach and Communications Assistant, Community Grants Coordinators (2), Community Grants Assistant, Data Manager, Program Support Specialist, and Executive Assistant.

PCO Principles

PCO Mission

To facilitate and ensure optimal complementarity of PEPFAR-funded interventions in Mozambique

PCO Vision

We envision a highly functional team which works together to find creative solutions toward a future free of AIDS with a spirit of compassion and service for all Mozambicans infected/affected by HIV

PCO Values

Achieve our work in a collaborative, transparent and accountable way

PCO “tag line” 

PCO: Your Trusted Partner