Our Relationship

The United States is the largest bilateral donor to Mozambique and provides almost $500 million a year in assistance. We partner in many areas, such as the fight against HIV/AIDS, educational programs, agricultural policy, and wildlife conservation. By far our largest amount of assistance comes through the PEPFAR program and goes to combat HIV and AIDS with a goal of controlling the AIDS epidemic by 2020.

Our development assistance promotes a more prosperous, democratic and inclusive Mozambique. We also established Foreign Commercial Service Office in Mozambique in 2014to encourage commercial investment by U.S. companies. With American companies leading development of the country’s natural gas sector, the U.S. will soon become the largest private investor in the country, producing income that can benefit all Mozambicans and help the country expand its own investment in health, education, agriculture and infrastructure.

We look forward to continued partnership with the people and government of Mozambique in these and other areas.