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Remarks by the President at Global Entrepreneurship Summit and Conversation with Mark Zuckerberg and Entrepreneurs

Stanford University Stanford, California  […] The world has shrunk.  It is interconnected.  All of you represent that interconnection.  Many of you are catalyzing it and accelerating it.  It promises to bring extraordinary benefits.  But it also has challenges.  And it also evokes concerns and fears.  And so part of why this Global Entrepreneurship Summit has ...
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International Albinism Awareness Day

Ambassador Pittman Remarks International Albinism Awareness Day Maputo Municipal Council I am honored to be able to share this special day with you.  I thank you for your invitation and I thank the organizers for preparing this event as we recognize the contributions of people with albinism to society and seek to increase their protection.  ...
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PEPFAR COP 16 Civil Society Engagement Meeting

Ambassador Pittman Remarks PEPFAR COP 16 Civil Society Engagement Meeting Radisson Blue Hotel Ambassador’s Opening Remarks Good morning and thank you for joining us here today. I am honored to be standing here before you to open this meeting which represents a concerted effort to strengthen our partnership with you as leaders of local organizations ...
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