Inauguration of IITA’s new facilities in the celebration of its 50th year anniversary.

The United States Government (USG), the Agricultural Research Institute of Mozambique (IIAM) and the International Institute for Tropical Agriculture (IITA) inaugurated, on May 8th, the new research facilities of IITA in the city of Nampula, partially funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).

With USG support IITA has upgraded and equipped its laboratory facilities in Nampula and has developed two bio-control products called Aflasafe to mitigate aflatoxin contamination in maize and groundnuts. The importance of aflatoxin presence in the Mozambican diet cannot be overstated as their intake is linked with a high prevalence of liver cancer in the country, increased HIV infection rates, and stunting among children.

The two Aflasafe products will contribute to reduce aflatoxin levels in the Mozambican national diet and provide additional ways for farmers and traders to export groundnuts and maize in compliance with international standards.

USG through USAID and IITA are currently implementing the $12 million project – SEMEAR seed production, replication and marketing program – and these new facilities are founded under this program.