Frequently Encountered Difficulties

  • I receive a ”data error” message when attempting to book a visa interview appointment

This error does not refer to the date of the appointment. Instead, it tells the applicant that the information (data) entered does not match the information entered on the electronic application form. Usually, this error is triggered by differences in the name(s), or date of birth. The error can be resolved by making sure that all the information matches the application form, word for word, letter for letter.

  • I have completed my electronic application form, how do I schedule an appointment?

In order to schedule an appointment return to the “how to apply” tab and click on Step 4, Schedule an Interview Appointment

  • Do I need to book flights and accommodation before applying?

No, visa applicants should not make any irrevocable arrangements before their visa has been issued. When prompted to add an address in the United States on the electronic application form, an estimate is sufficient. Visa applicants need enter only as much data as they have on hand.

  • Can I schedule an emergency appointment?

The U.S. Embassy is able to accommodate a limited number of requests for expedited appointments, subject to availability. If you believe that your visa application warrants an expedited appointment due to circumstances beyond your control, send an email to The email should clearly outline the reason for the expedited appointment request, and the intended date of travel. A consular section staff member will review the request, and send a response via email.

  • What can I do on a visa for tourism and business (B1/B2)?

Many purposes of travel are possible on a B1/B2 visa for tourism and business including tourism, business meetings, short courses, trainings, or workshops, and conferences. Any specific questions about the type of visa the request for a particular trip can be directed to

  • I receive a “session time out” error message when filling out the electronic application form

Each application form must be completed in a limited period of time. The applicant should make sure that they have all of the information needed to complete the form in front of them, to ensure that they can complete the form within that period of time. If the applicant’s internet is slow, this can also trigger the error message. In this case, the applicant should attempt to submit the application from a computer with a faster internet connection to avoid the “session timeout” error.

  • When can I pick up my visa?

Under normal conditions, visas are available for pick up within three business days. Each successful visa applicant will be given a receipt which notes their pick up date and time. In some cases, additional administrative processing may be necessary, so travelers are advised to apply for their visas well in advance of their travel date to ensure that they are able to complete the trip.