U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program

Bees and honey production

The U.S. Ambassador’s Special Self-Help (SSH) Program at U.S. Embassy Maputo funds small grant projects, with have high reaching impacts that foster self-reliance, improve socioeconomic conditions, respect environmental norms, and welcome the participation and input of the receiving communities. The program began in 1988, and has awarded over $200,000 USD of funding in Mozambique over the last 4 years alone, reaching over 1 million individuals (directly and indirectly), with 26 funded projects spread over 9 provinces.

Some examples of past SSH grants include:

  • Water Projects – boreholes, irrigation, or water collection systems, storage tanks;
  • Health & Hygiene – latrines at schools and clinics, community gardens;
  • Environmental Projects – recycling, solar panel systems, organic fertilizer production;
  • Education Projects – classrooms, community libraries; and
  • Income Generating Projects – peanut butter production, maize milling facility, clothing production, carpentry tools, and brick making machines.

The Embassy is proud to announce that the Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO) for the Ambassador’s Special Self Help (SSH) Program 2022 is officially open, and ready to receive proposal submissions, until the deadline of 23:59 CAT May 31, 2022.

Please carefully read the NOFO below for detailed information on how to apply for funding.

NOTE: All proposal applications must be submitted in English and in digital form to MaputoPoleconSSH@state.gov, with budgetary information in US Dollars.

Notice of Funding Opportunity – US Ambassador’s Special Self Help Fund (SSH)

General information

Funding amount available: Ranging from $1000 – $10,000 per project – $70,000 total available

Total number of awards: 8 (depending on the amounts)


  • Registered not-for-profit organizations, including civil society/non-governmental organizations headquartered in Mozambique.
  • Established, registered grassroots community-based organizations (CBOs) and Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) headquartered in Mozambique.
  • For-profit, commercial entities and individuals are not eligible to apply.

Mandatory Forms:

  • SF-424 (Application for Federal Assistance – Organizations)
  • SF-424A (Budget Information for Non-Construction Programs)
  • SF424B (Assurances for Non-Construction programs) The SF-424B is required only for those applicants who have not registered in SAM.gov.

Recommended Forms:

Key Dates and Deadlines:

  1. May 24, 2022 at 23:59 CAT – Deadline for questions to be submitted
  2. May 31, 2022 at 23:59 CAT – Deadline for submission of grant applications
  3. September 2022 – Expected time for project approval and award signing

Contact Information

André Mota
Small Grants Coordinator
U.S. Embassy, Maputo
Av. Da Marginal, Nr. 5467
Tel: +258 84 095 8518
Email: Maputopoleconssh@state.gov
When sending an e-mail, please include “SSH” in the subject line.