Fulbright Junior Staff Development Program (JSD)

Deadline for Applications: May 16, 2016

Program Description

The Fulbright Program is the flagship international educational exchange program sponsored by the U.S. Government.  Administered by the Department of State and the Institute of International Education (IIE), the program is designed to increase mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. The Fulbright Scholarship program is designed for individuals who have demonstrated academic excellence, leadership skills, civic spirit, and dedication to public service.

The Fulbright Junior Staff Development Program is the largest Fulbright program in Africa and is designed primarily to strengthen African universities through higher degree training. This program will award junior university faculty and professionals scholarships for advanced degrees in the United States. Applications are also accepted from individuals in non-academic settings, including public and private educational and cultural institutions, independent research institutes, and professional institutions. Recent graduates, women, people with disabilities, and those from under-served communities are especially encouraged to apply. Strong candidates with limited English proficiency may be considered for the Fulbright Long-Term English (LTE) Program.  LTE Fellows will receive up to 8 months of English language training prior to their academic programs.

Grantees selected for degree study will be funded for a maximum of 2 years. All awards are contingent upon approval by the J. William Fulbright Scholarship Board, availability of funds, and successful academic placement.

Eligible Fields of Study

Technology; journalism/ public relations/ media studies/communication; agriculture/food science; business; economics; environmental science; international relations; political science; public administration/policy; public health policy/management; natural resources and environmental management; law; engineering; and education.

Eligibility Criteria

Applications are considered in a transparent, merit-based competition. Candidates must:

  • be citizens or nationals of Mozambique, or permanent residents holding a valid Mozambican passport.
  • have at least the equivalent of 4 years of university study and the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor’s degree.
  • have a sufficient level of English proficiency to enable them to realistically accomplish full-time graduate level study in the U.S.
  • meet the minimum score on required standardized tests.
  • be highly motivated and have a serious commitment to completing the program as scheduled and returning to Mozambique.

Preference will be given to applicants with no extensive or recent U.S. experience.

Additional selection criteria for participants in the LTE training component:

  • Only Master’s degree candidates in their current field are eligible. Individuals seeking Ph.D., MBA, Law, or non-degree programs are not eligible for the LTE component.
  • Candidates in the fields or sub-fields of English, TEFL, and Linguistics must have a minimum TOEFL score of 65 to apply for LTE.
  • Candidates must be available to begin their LTE training in January 2017.
LTE participants who are not successful in gaining an academic placement within an allowable period following LTE will return home. Selected participants may not bring dependents to their LTE program.
The following are not eligible to apply to the Fulbright JSD Program:
  • Medical studies candidates who wish to pursue internships, residencies, or studies in medicine. Candidates with medical degrees may receive grants for advanced academic study only (e.g., Master’s degrees in public health).
  • Previous Fulbright Student Program or Humphrey Program grant recipients (with the exception of Fulbright Foreign Language Teaching Assistant Program alumni).
  • Locally employed staff (LES) of the State Department or United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Employees may apply for the Fulbright program one year after the termination of employment.

Degree Objective and Grant Duration

Awards are granted as follows:

  • Graduate degree program: One (1) to two (2) years of study towards one degree only – Master’s or Ph.D. (Eligible grantees may apply for one renewal grant). Master’s Degree candidates will receive priority; or
  • Non-degree research: Participation in an academic year (9-10 months) non-degree research program. (Grants are not renewable).


Fulbright funding is limited to two years for a Visiting Student/JSD grant. Master’s applicants are given priority due to the uncertainty of third and subsequent years of funding for Ph.D. grantees. Ph.D. candidates who secure funding from outside sources will remain under Fulbright visa sponsorship rather than having sponsorship transferred to the host institution. Ph.D. candidates unable to secure funding for the additional years will return home without completing their degree.  Fulbright grants cover full costs for round-trip travel, insurance coverage, tuition and fees, maintenance allowance, books and supplies, and course-required field trips.  Depending on availability of Fulbright funds, grant awards may also include a pre-academic orientation in the first year.

Standardized Tests

Individuals selected as semi-finalists will be required to take the standardized tests below. Their test fees will be paid by the U.S. Department of State. Candidates must fund their own travel to the test center in Maputo. The JSD competition is extremely competitive, particularly in the fields of journalism; communication; business administration; sciences such as chemistry, biology, physics; and engineering-related disciplines.  High test scores for JSD applicants in these fields as well as for ALL Ph.D. candidates in general are critical. Selected candidates should familiarize themselves with the tests in advance and utilize practice tests and available online resources to prepare.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) – A desirable TOEFL score for Fulbright Master’s candidates is 575 on paper-based tests (PBT) and 90 on internet-based tests (IBT). Ph.D. candidates are expected to score a minimum of 600 on PBT or 100 on IBT; however, this varies by field of study. Consideration will be given for a limited number of Master’s degree candidates with a TOEFL score in the range of 500-533 PBT/61-76 IBT to be placed in the Long-Term English training program prior to placement in a Master’s degree program. More information on the TOEFL is available at http://www.ets.org/toefl .

Graduate Record Exam (GRE) and Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) – GRE is required for those seeking admission in all fields except law and business.  Business candidates must take the GMAT, while law candidates are required to take only the TOEFL.  Fulbright applicants should score above the fiftieth percentile in both sections of the GRE. A minimum 550 GMAT score is required for Master’s candidates in business and a minimum score of 600 is required for Ph.D. candidates.  More information on the GRE and GMAT is available at http://www.ets.org/gre and http://www.mba.com/ .

Grantees placed in intensive English language training must retake the GRE/GMAT and TOEFL during the language training period and qualify for Master’s degree placement.  Grantees unsuccessful in gaining admission to a Master’s program within the allowable period will return home with a certificate of participation in the Intensive English Program.


Academic placements are arranged by IIE, with consideration given to a candidate’s university preference; however, a candidate’s application will not be submitted to a preferred school if s/he clearly does not meet one or more admission requirements, or if the institution does not offer an appropriate program. Placements are based on the type of orientation the grantee requires, their academic program, and location. Anticipated tuition and related costs are also considered.

Process and Selection Criteria

Fulbright Grants are highly competitive and several stages of review are necessary to make the final selection of participants. Applicants must fulfill the eligibility criteria outlined above to be considered. Applications are due by 17:30 on Monday, May 16. Qualified candidates will be interviewed in English by the U.S. Embassy Selection Committee in mid-June and must be available to take the TOEFL in late June/early July. Those whose scores allow them to continue in the competition will be required to take the GRE or GMAT exam and submit an online application, which will be sent to Washington, D.C. for final approval in September. Finalists will be announced by December 2016; university placements will be announced by February/March 2017 for programs beginning in August/September 2017. Finalists who require additional English training may be required to attend and successfully complete an intensive English program in January or March, before they are placed in an academic degree program.

To Submit an Application:

Applications submitted online are preferred, however applications will also be accepted via e-mail, by mail, or in person. Late or incomplete applications will not be considered.

A complete application package will include the following:

  • Application Form (PDF 280 KB)
  • Certified copies of transcripts for each year of undergraduate and graduate study completed (with certified English translation)
  • Certified copies of diploma (with certified English translation)
  • Three hand-signed letters of recommendation (PDF 132 KB) (with certified English translation if necessary). Recommendation letters should be written by people who know you well, such as teachers or employers. They should not come from friends or relatives.
  • Copy of TOEFL or IELTS score report (if previously taken).
  • Resume or CV in English
  • Copy of the biographical data page of your passport or photo identification (B.I.).

To apply online, visit: https://apply.embark.com/student/fulbright/international

To enter online application, first read carefully the Instructions for Completing the Online Application Form (PDF 280 KB) and create an Embark user account. When entering a new application, select the correct cycle: 2017-2018 Fulbright Foreign Student Program.

To submit an application by e-mail, send materials to MaputoExchangePrograms@state.gov with your name and ”2017 Fulbright JSD Program” in the subject line.

To submit your application by mail, send your materials to: 

2017 Fulbright JSD Program
Centro Cultural Americano Martin Luther King
Av. Mao Tse Tung, 542
Maputo, Mozambique

Applications may also be submitted in person to the Information Resource Center at the address above.

Due to the anticipated volume of applications received, we will not forward explanations to applicants not selected for the program.

Deadline to Apply: Friday, May 16, 2016 by 17:30

For more information on the Fulbright Program or for announcements of upcoming information sessions, e-mail MaputoExchangePrograms@state.gov, visit our Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/U.S.EmbassyMaputo, review the 2017 Fulbright & Humphrey Program Presentation (PDF 1.4 MB), or visit http://foreign.fulbrightonline.org/