Destruction of Seized Ivory and Rhino Horns in Mozambique

The United States Government applauds the bold action by the Government of Mozambique in the destruction of confiscated stockpiles of 2.4 tons of ivory and 193 kilograms of rhino horns on July 6.

The Mozambican government has joined with the United States and other nations that have destroyed ivory and trafficked wildlife items to send a clear message that illicit commerce and wildlife trafficking have no place in the world.

The demand for ivory and other illicit animal products has led to the slaughtering of elephants and rhinoceroses across Africa.  This illegal trade takes a toll on both wildlife and communities.  Transnational criminal networks exploit local communities and deprive them of their natural wealth, endangering local economies and ecosystems.

The bold actions of the Mozambican government signal its commitment to conservation and the preservation of the natural world.