Ambassador Pittman visits American Corner and Radio Gesom in Chimoio

Ambassador Dean Pittman among reporters and managers of Rádio Comunitária Gesom

Ambassador Dean Pittman visited the American Corner at the Catholic University during his trip to Manica province in August, 2016. The American Corner serves students and community members in Chimoio who seek information on the U.S. and English Language materials. The American Corner is also used for U.S. Embassy-sponsored programs.

Ambassador Pittman with alumni in Chimoio
Dr. João Ferrão and Ambassador Dean Pittman (both in the middle). Three alumni (two in the left side of Ambassador Pittman and one in the right side of Dr. João Ferrão) and Esta Gimo (first in the right side of the picture).

During the visit Ambassador Pittman and Dr. João Ferrão, Director of the Catholic University discussed the ongoing partnership between the two entities.

In May 2013, the American Embassy and Catholic University signed an MOU formalizing the partnership to establish the Thurgood Marshall American Corner in Chimoio. Materials such as books, computers, printer and an Internet connection were made available for students and for the Chimoio community. Since its establishment, the American Corner has served as a program platform to host outreach programs initiated by the Embassy and the corner, including Black History Month, Educational Advising, HIV awareness programs, etc.

After visiting the American Corner the Ambassador visited the community station, Radio Gesom where he was received by Narciso Ernesto, Coordinator of the Radio, and participated in an interview.