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2024 Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for Student Leaders on Civic Engagement
September 1, 2023

 2024 Study of the U.S. Institute (SUSI) for Student Leaders on Civic Engagement

The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy in Mozambique welcomes applications for the 2024 Study of the United States Institutes (SUSI) Program for Student Leaders on Civic Engagement. SUSI programs are designed to provide undergraduate student with leadership skills, academic programs to deepen their understanding of U.S. society, culture, values, and institutions through intensive academic programs at U.S. Universities and study tours throughout the country.

Program Details: SUSI for Student Leaders are intensive short-term academic programs hosted by U.S. universities to provide groups of undergraduate student leaders with a deeper understanding of the United States while simultaneously enhancing their leadership skills. This five-week SUSI Program will enhance participants’ knowledge of U.S. history, government, institutions, society, and culture within the context of the theme. Participants may also explore the responsibilities of citizens in a democracy; civil rights movements; social justice; gender equity; community-building; grassroots and youth activism; strengthening democracy while defending against authoritarianism; addressing and fighting corruption; promoting respect for human rights; media literacy and countering disinformation; and the role of volunteerism in society.  Academic sessions will be complemented with site visits, leadership development, cultural activities, and community service complement the coursework. If conditions allow, the Institutes will include a one-week integrated study tour in the United Sates. Note that if the program must take place virtually, participants will engage in similar activities but online from their home countries. The Institute will incorporate a focus on U.S. historical events as well as contemporary American life, including current political, social, and economic debates in a pluralism society. Specific program elements will include an overview of student movements on the University of Washington’s campus; meetings and service-learning activities with nonprofits addressing the issues of poverty and homelessness, such as food banks and housing assistance organizations; and engagement community and elected officials at the local and state level in Seattle, Sequim, and in the Washington capital of Olympia. As in previous years, participants will create interactive activities and presentations about their home countries and cultures as part of the Foundation for International Understanding through Students (FIUTS)’s CulturalFest International Expo for over 2,500 2,500 community members and school children.  The group will also focus more deeply on the U.S. Civil Rights movement and African American experience during a study tour to Atlanta, Georgia.  Project planning sessions will guide participants in developing a community action project to be implemented after the Institute.

Community asset mapping, budgeting, fundraising, goal setting, and volunteer management, in addition to a dedicated leadership development curriculum designed for aspiring civic leaders, are also integral components of the SUSI Program. This program will take place from January 12 – February 14, 2024. The Institute will be conducted in English and will be hosted at the FIUTS in Seattle, Washington, via an award to Meridian International Center (Meridian).

All program expenses will be covered by the U.S. Department of State, including program administration; international and visa travel, travel allowances, domestic travel and ground transportation, as well as book, cultural, mailing and incidental allowances; and housing and subsistence. If the program is conducted virtually, the Bureau of Educational & Cultural Affairs (ECA) will work with Meridian to provide a technology stipend to all participants.

More information on the program and Study of the U.S. Institutes can be found online at: exchanges.state.gov/susi

To obtain more information on the Study of the U.S. Institutes program, visit:  http://exchanges.state.gov/susi

Candidate Description and Qualifications:  Candidates should be highly motivated first through third year undergraduates aged 18-25 who demonstrate strong leadership through high academic achievement, community involvement, and extracurricular activities.  Their fields of study can vary, and may include the sciences, social sciences, humanities, education, business, and other professional fields. However, candidates must indicate a serious interest in civic engagement and learning about the United States. Candidates should have sufficient proficiency in English to allow them to participate in a university-level academic program. Candidates must have at least one semester left of their undergraduate studies upon completion of the SUSI program.  Candidates from non-elite backgrounds, from both rural and urban sectors, and with little or no prior experience in the United States or elsewhere outside of Mozambique will receive priority.  To the extent possible, nominations should be focused on historically underserved, indigenous groups, and minority communities. Candidates should have sufficient proficiency in English to allow them to participate in a university-level academic program.

Deadline to Apply: Friday, September 29, 2023.

A complete application package will include the following:

  • Application form (PDF 104KB)
  • Curriculum Vitae (English version)
  • Signed letter of recommendation from Teacher/Supervisor (Portuguese or English version)
  • Identification Document (photocopy)

Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

To submit an application by e-mail, send materials to MaputoExchangePrograms@state.gov with your name and “2024 SUSI for Student Leaders Program” in the subject line.  

For more information on the SUSI Program, visit http:// http://exchanges.state.gov/susi or e-mail MaputoExchangePrograms@state.gov.